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[100% Handmade] CHIYODA Single Watch Winder With Japanese Mabuchi Motor
2015-10-20 10:28:03

If you've been searching for watch winders you must have seen the prices - they usually cost more than $150.00, but when it comes to the CHIYODA Single Watch Winder, the lower price of $79.99, is without doubt a great bargain!

Let's talk about the design. It is attractive, with a shiny, piano finish, which works well with the multicolored cherry wood coating on the case to bring to perfection. The window is made of see-through high impact strength plastic (Lexan) - same one used for bulletproof screens! Therefore, the question of durability is well taken care of. The interior has a nice cream color, offering a beautiful contrast from the variegated wood. This nicely done design is very easy to fall in love with.

The fact that this CHIYODA Watch Winder is 100% handmade tells you that not only is it unique, but also, as is the case with handcrafted goods, offers higher quality and more attention to detail. 

What a quiet motor! This Japanese Mabuchi Motor is noiseless - really soundless! You can handily place it on your nightstand and sleep as it rotates. For me, this feature is a huge plus. The motor is powered by means of the plug-in power supply, which is included in the package; on the other hand, you could use two AA batteries but these are not included. An on/off button is located at the back of the winder; moreover, there's a dial right next to the power switch, allowing you to choose any of the 4 different winding programs. All the modes function very well, allowing you to get the accurate setting for your specific watch. However, if you are using batteries, then #4, which alternates clockwise and counter clockwise rotary motion for 10 minutes either way, for 3 hours, and rests for 9 hours appears to provide the longest battery life. 

Something else that is worth noting is that the CHIYODA watch Winder is belt-driven - just as the description states, making it superior to those others that are gear-driven; because gears would stop to interlock due to the repeated placing and removing of the timepiece.

Now, for those with concerns about small wrists, have no worries because the pillow in this CHIYODA Watch Winder is cloth, meaning that it is relatively soft and as a result, can be crushed to fit an extremely small wrist. Alternatively, a little stuffing can be taken out to get a good fit.

This very high quality watch winder at such a low price is a must-have!