OkBuyNow Rechargeable Portable USB 2.4GHz Cordless Air Fly Mice Keyboard Combo
2015-04-14 15:39:12
  • Air Fly Mice a built-in gyroscope which is able to measure and maintain orientation. You just need to wave the mouse in the air to precisely control the cursor on computers, Android phones and other smart devices. It allows you to get rid of the traditional mouse and keyboard and to free your hands. You park yourself in the couch and use the device to remotely use your computer to play somatosensory games, surf the internet, or chat with your friends.
  • Adopt advanced 2.4GHz wireless transmission for up to 15 meters of effective range. Come with a plug-and-play USB receiver and smart anti-shake feature. Say goodbye to the traditional mouse which has to be used on the desktop. Use easy movements of your hand to control the cursor on the devices. The cursor will precisely follow your moves. Air Fly works just as well as the traditional mouse.
  • Air Fly provides a smart, remote, and portable solution that combines mouse and keyboard and multimedia entertainment. It uses MEMS Gyroscope and Antishake Algorithm to provide an easy way to control cursor.
  • Suitable for personal computers, smart TVs, set-top boxes, Android TV box, media player, HTPC, etc.
  • Color: White; Product Dimensions: L:W:H:14CM*6CM*2CM; Packing List: Air Fly Mouse Keyboard Combo*1, Lithium Battery*1, USB Receiver*1, USB Cable*1, Manual*1